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Cide, a pleasant town that is situated on the coast of Black Sea, is in Kastamonu province. Cide is like a wonderland beyond magical doors with its valley surrounded by verdant forests, sarı yazma (a yellow head scarf particular to the region), clean air, untouched bays, deep blue sea, roaring brooks that flow from valley into the sea, hospitable people and delicious foods.

You will be greeted by its untouched beaches on your trip to Cide. After going through verdant valleys and villages, you will come across many brooks stretching into the sea, which is a common view in "Kastamonu" Cide. It is one of the most popular spots around the coast of Western Black Sea and locals prefer going for a swim in wonderful bays that are located on Kastamonu Cide’s 11 km long coast. If you want to spend a peaceful vacation right in the middle of a wonderful nature, hotels of Kastamonu Cide are exactly what you are looking for.

Places to Visit

Gideros Bay: This beautiful, paradisiac place called Gideros Bay is only 15 km away from Cide. You will first see Gideros Castle on your way and a little farther, a pleasant resting area. Gideros Bay also served as a shipyard and shelter in the past. The moment you set foot on this place, you will be amazed by it. Its name has been the same since Genoese period and it offers many activitiy options. You will feel freer and more peaceful while fishing, swimming or taking a walk.

House of Rıfat Ilgaz: Rıfat Ilgaz, who decorated Turkish Literature with works such as Hababam Sınıfı, Blackout Nights, Sarı Yazma, was born in Cide in 1911 and spent a significant part of his 82 year lifetime here. A meeting place for all the colors of nature by the Black Sea, Cide is home to Rıfat Ilgaz Culture and Art House which is one of the places that decorates and makes this place even more important. His books, pictures and personal belongings are being displayed in writer’s house where he was born. You should definitely visit Rıfat Ilgaz Culture and Art House during your stay in Cide.

Kastamonu: Kastamonu welcomes you to a peaceful world with verdant valleys that stretch as far as eyes can see, delicious local tastes, beaches, ancient cities, national parks, local handcrafts, inns and friendly people. You can see impressive examples of Ottoman civil architecture of recent period around every corner of the city. Kastamonu appeals to everyone’s concept of holiday, be it sea - sand - sun, snow and skiing, history and culture, nature, or adventure.

Cide hotels are close to both county sea and beach. Cide hotels are the places for you, if you want to enjoy nature to your heart’s content and at a location close to county seat's shopping places and restaurants.

Things to Do

Diving: Cide is home to both natural beauties and sport activities. Gideros Bay, a paradisiac spot, is one of the best places to enjoy underwater wonders and diving. Coastal band of Cide – Gideros Bay and Çatalzeytin – Ginolu Bay is among the popular places for diving enthusiasts.

Windsurfing: Windsurfing is another sport that has become popular in recent years in Cide. Cide, Doğanyurt, İnebolu, Abana, Bozkurt Çatalzeytin, which are located on the coastal band of Black Sea, offer vacationers favorable options for windsurfing.

Things to Eat

In addition to its natural and historical wonders, Cide – Kastamonu impresses with rich cuisine. The variety of animals, which are fed with organic products, are the main reason behind the richnes of cuisine. Moreover, Turkey’s finest quality garlic is being grown and exported here.

Stuffed leak, fanugrek, tirit, mancar yemeği, banduma, cırık tatlısı, ekşili pilav, kuyruklu dolma, anakız çorbası, ceviz helva, patty with eggs and caba güveci are some of the regional tastes of Cide.


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